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Wild Geese Martial Arts, Dublin city's premium Martial Arts and Personal Training facility is host to some of the country's finest instructors and personal trainers.

Situated in the heart of Dublin City Centre, between the IFSC and Pearse St DART Station (see map below), we are open 7 days a week offering a range of training services and martial arts classes.

Founding members, Paul Cox and Dave Hedges, between them have over 50 years of martial arts and fitness training experience. They have searched out and sourced other instructors of equal and even greater calibre to assist in bringing you the ultimate in Martial Arts and Fitness training.
As a member of Wild Geese, you have the opportunity to train under internationally renowned instructors, many of whom have World and or National Championship rankings in their respective arts.

We pride ourselves in providing a high standard of training in our purpose-built martial arts facility. You are welcome to come along to try any of our classes and see for yourself. Contact us for more info.


Power Generation workshops with Mick Coup
The Core Combatives founder will return to WGMA for a weekend seminar: 6th & 7th October.
The workshops aim to develop the ability to generate more usable force within the confines of a generic ‘highline’ punch and 'lowline' kick technique that can be found within most martial arts, combat sports, etc.

These are very subject-specific workshops, looking at progressively addressing the issue of optimal ‘impact’ and the processes best used to deliver it, including:
- Universal Body Mechanics & Dynamic Alignment Principles
- Sequential Torque & Kinetic Chain Concepts
- Kinetic Energy Transfer Methods
- Explosive Power Training & Maximal Force Development
- Plyometric and Isometric Loading Practices

These practical 4-hour workshops are designed to introduce and explore proven principles of dynamic force generation, delivery and target transfer, utilising a variety of methods and techniques specific to common punching-style techniques.
The material presented will enable the individual to dramatically increase impact power, and the concepts can be universally applied to any striking system or method.

For more details contact Dave Hedges on 087 672 6090 or email: info@wildgeesema.com or c2seminardublin@gmail.com

Yoga Class every Tuesday 7-8am
This is your opportunity to kick off the day with a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Somatic movement to open the body and prepare it for the day ahead. This is especially ideal for those involved in more rigorous training as a form of injury prevention/rehab.
For more details contact Anne Dempsey on 086 303 3794 or email: info@wildgeesema.com

Next Boot Camp begins: Sept 24th.  Click Here, only if your serious about fitness training.
This not your run of the mill Boot Camp. This is 4 weeks of progressive strength & conditioning training, designed with the needs of a contact athlete in mind.
All places must be booked in advance.
For more details contact us on 087 784 3006 or email: info@wildgeesema.com

Muay Thai Training
each Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri afternoon
Coach Dave Gordon is back at Wild Geese where he is offering his Muay Thai training to all comers each afternoon.
Times (tbc): Mon 4-6pm, Tues 2-4pm, Thurs 2-4pm, Fri 2-4pm
Cost: €60/month.
For more details contact Dave on 086 073 8653 or email: info@wildgeesema.com

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High intensity Martial Arts
Muay Thai | Kickboxing | Brazilian Ju Jitsu
Meditative / Anti-stress
Fitness / Fat-Burning / Conditioning/ Personal Training
Kettlebell Fitness | Lunchtime Kettlebell Fitness | Boot Camp


We are situated in the heart of Dublin City Centre, opposite the Pearse Street DART Station. Only 5 min walk from the IFSC with the new Sean O'Casey footbridge.

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