Kettlebell Workshop Series - Level 1


The first book in the series of Kettlebell Workshops run by Wild Geese conditioning coach Dave Hedges
This workshop is ideal for absolute beginners and experienced athletes alike, the level of detail covered ensures that everyone who picks up this manual will learn something. Some of the information covered in the manual:

  • Joint Mobility
  • Deadlifting the Kettlebell
  • The Kettlebell Swing
  • The Military Press
  • Power Breathing and Core Strength
  • The Goblet Squat
  • Ways to create your own home workout

Kettlebells are the new "must have" training tool, but they are nothing new, they've been arouns a very long time.
The current trend of commercial fitness instructors and "bootcamp" coaches adding kettlebells to their programs is a sure sign that the Kettle is here to stay. However, while they Kettle has gone mainstream, it'sbecome more accessible than ever before, the quality of coaching and instruction is becoming more and more diluted..
This will inevitably lead to either injuries or the use of ridiculously light bells.
Dave Hedges has been working with Kettles since 2005, he's been teaching them since 2007. He's worked with hundreds of clients, some everyday joes, others top class athletes. He's been trained himself by Vasily Ginko and Steve Cotter.
The information in this manual is a culmination of this expereince. If you wish to learn how to lift Kettlebells, this is the manual to use.

SPECIAL OFFER: €5.99 (normal price 12,99)



30 pages of fluff free information, detailed photography and easy to follow instruction.

This manual assumes no prior knowledge of weight training, if you've never lifted a kettlebell before, as long as you follow the instructions to the letter, this will have you working out in no time at all.
Perhaps your an instructor looking to add kettles to your aresnal, the steps in this manual are the exact same as the methods used in Wild Geese, where hundreds of people, including coaches, come to train with the Kettlebell. There has yet to be an injury from our methods, even though we have had girls lifting 28kg bells over head at body weights of around 55kg!
That's right, our methods make you strong, they don't make you bulky!

The Kettlebell is an incredible tool if used right, used wrong it will hurt you. This manual along with the others in the series are no replacement for actually attending the workshops, but they are a close second.

SPECIAL OFFER: €5.99 (normal price 12,99)

Dave Hedges
Fitness Coach / Martial Arts Instructor