Kettlebell Workshop Series - Level 2


The second book in the series of Kettlebell Workshops run by Wild Geese conditioning coach Dave Hedges
This workshop builds on the information presented in Level 1 and introduces you to the following techniques:

  • One Handed Swing
  • Hand To Hand Swing
  • The Kettlebell Clean
  • The Push Press
  • Anatomical Breathing vs Paradox Breathing
  • The Turkish Get Up
  • Structural Integrity

If you've been working hard on the basic techniques laid out in the Level 1 workshop, you have probably already increased your strength and endurance by a great deal.
The techniques laid out here will amplify your results even further.
Each lift is explained in great detail, photographed in stages and clearly presented to help you master the correct technique.

SPECIAL OFFER: €5.99 (normal price 12,99)


Kettlebell Lifting is here to stay, but with so many crap coaches spawned by mickey mouse instructor certification weekends it's hard to find good information .

This is why you came here.
Dave Hedges has been lifting kettlebells since around 2005, he's trained under the best and even stepped on the competition platform.
He's trained hundreds of clients from housewives to hardmen, fighters to free runners and everything in between. Everyone of his clients has noticed huge improvements in performance and body composition and none have been injured to date.

The teachings in this manual are exactly the same as the methods used at Wild Geese to get athletes of all levels comfortable and moving with the kettlebell. Methods and drills that have been tried and tested under real conditions with real people.
These manuals are the most comprehensive look at kettlebell exercises available.

The Kettlebell is an incredible tool if used right, used wrong it will hurt you. This manual along with the others in the series are no replacement for actually attending the workshops, but they are a close second.

SPECIAL OFFER: €5.99 (normal price 12,99)

Dave Hedges
Fitness Coach / Martial Arts Instructor