Kettlebell Workshop Series - Level 3


This third volume in the Kettlebell Workshop series signals a major step forward in you ability to train with the Kettlebell.
Up till now you have learned the basic skills for developing general fitness and strength, laying a foundation for what is to come.

Now in Level 3 we introduce two of the most technical but also most effective training drills available anywhere. Drills that develop full body coordination, speed and power. Drills that can be used to develop devastating explosive power, endless endurance levels and phenomenal fat burning.
These drills are:

  • The Snatch

  • The Jerk

The two drills are broken down into easy to follow stages with detailed instructions and photographs.

SPECIAL OFFER: €5.99 (normal price 12,99)



26 highly detailed pages of fluff free information.

Here's the contents list:

 4  Welcome to the Level 3 Kettlebell Lifting Workshop
 5  Before you lift: Loaded Mobility
 9  The Snatch
 9  3 Level Swings
10  High Pull
11  Throw & Catch
14  The Breath
15  The Jerk
16  1st Dip
18  2nd Dip
19  The drop
21  Horses for Courses
23  Training methods
26  About The Author

Think you're ready to try some of the toughest training around? Fancy testing your mettle against the metal in Girevoy Sports, one of the toughest tests of mental and physical endurance?
Then this is the manual you need.

The Kettlebell is an incredible tool if used right, used wrong it will hurt you. This manual along with the others in the series are no replacement for actually attending the workshops, but they are a close second.

SPECIAL OFFER: €5.99 (normal price 12,99)

Dave Hedges
Fitness Coach / Martial Arts Instructor